GC content

Value 42 % Range: Internet book - link %
Organism Mouse Mus musculus
Reference A. Ruvinsky and J. A. Marshall Graves, Mammalian Genomics, eds, 2005 CABI publishing, pp 92
Method From reference: The mouse genome possesses a slightly higher G+C content than the human genome (42% vs. 41%, BNID 100679), although the X chromosome is richer in CpG in humans compared with mice. This higher C+G frequency in the mouse autosomes veils the actual existence of human genomic regions presenting extremely high G+C content, the distribution being wider in humans than in mice. CpG islands, which have been defined as the characteristic genomic tag for housekeeping genes, are far less represented in mice (15,500 vs. 27,000 in humans), maybe as a direct consequence of the lack of mouse genome regions containing an extremely high G+C percentage.
Comments Within the coding, intron and flanking DNA functional compartments of largely single copy genes in mouse, GC content is 47.36% (according to Zhou et al, 2004 PMID 15598342)
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