GFP diffusion rate in rat liver mitochondria

Value 26 µm^2/sec Range: 20-30 µm^2/sec
Organism Rat Rattus norvegicus
Reference Partikian, A., B. Olveczky, R. Swaminathan, Y. Li, and A. S. Verkman. 1998. Rapid diffusion of green fluorescent protein in the mitochondrial matrix. J Cell Biol. 1998 Feb 23 140(4):821-9. Range is from abstract. Value of 26µm^2/sec from p.824 left column bottom paragraphPubMed ID9472034
Method "GFP translational diffusion was measured by FRAP and rotational diffusion by time-resolved anisotropy."
Comments Abstract:"Quantitative analysis of bleach data using a mathematical model of matrix diffusion gave GFP diffusion coefficients of 2-3 x 10^(-7) cm^2/s, only three to fourfold less than that for GFP diffusion in water." p.824 left column bottom paragraph:"Fig. 3 C shows the predicted time dependence of fluorescence recovery on diffusion coefficient D for relevant model parameters. Recovery rate increased with increasing D, with a best fit to the experimental data for D = 2.6 × 10-7 cm2/s. As explained in the model development (see Appendix), D values were fairly insensitive to mitochondrial geometry and the precise angular distribution. Fig. 3 D gives the relationship between t1/2 and D, showing D for GFP in the mitochondrial matrix versus water and fluorescein in water."
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