Number of germ-line cell divisions per generation in males of different ages

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Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Crow JF. The origins, patterns and implications of human spontaneous mutation. Nat Rev Genet. 2000 Oct1(1):40-7. p. 41 box 1PubMed ID11262873
Method "Spermatogenesis is quite different [than oogenesis]. Sperm are produced continuously throughout reproductive life, so the number of cell divisions and chromosome replications that have occurred increases with age." ["In the female there are 22 cell divisions before meiosis and two during meiosis, giving 23 chromosome replications in total, because only one replication occurs during the two meiotic divisions. As all the cell divisions are completed before birth, there is no increase with postnatal age."] See formula for estimation of number of germ line cell divisions in table link.
Comments Note: Drost et al., 1995, PMID 7789362 write that the estimates of the number of germ cell divisions per generation are: for humans, 401 (30-year generation) in males and 31 in females. See BNID 105573
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