Mass of DNA in haploid cell (conditions of growth unknown)

Value 0.017 pg/cell Range: Table - link pg/cell
Organism Budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Reference Sherman F. Getting started with yeast. Methods Enzymol. 2002 350: 3-41. p.15 table VPubMed ID12073320
Comments P.15 bottom paragraph: "The sizes of haploid and diploid cells vary with the phase of growth (ref 64) and from strain to strain. Typically, diploid cells are 5 × 6µm ellipsoids and haploid cells are 4µm diameter spheroids (BNID 108257, 108258). The volumes and gross composition of yeast cells are listed in Table V. During exponential growth, haploid cultures tend to have higher numbers of cells per cluster compared to diploid cultures. Also, haploid cells have buds that appear adjacent to the previous one, whereas diploid cells have buds that appear at the opposite pole (ref 66)." pg=Picogram=10^-12 gram. P.15 2nd paragraph: ""Normal" laboratory haploid strains have a doubling time of 90 min in YPD medium and approximately 140 min in synthetic media during the exponential phase of growth." Optimal growth temperature for yeast is 30°C. See BNID 105079,105080,105081,105082,105083
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