Fraction of ATP required (theoretical minimum) for amino acid polymerisation out of total ATP requirement for the formation of microbial cell on glucose and inorganic salts

Value 65 %
Organism Generic
Reference Stouthamer AH. A theoretical study on the amount of ATP required for synthesis of microbial cell material. Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek. 1973 39(3):545-65 Table - link PubMed ID4148026
Method From first column in table: (ATP requirement for Protein polymerisation)/(ATP requirements for Polysaccharide +Protein polymerisation + amino acid formation + lipid + RNA (nucleoside monophosphate formation+ polymerisation) + DNA (deoxynucleoside monophosphate formation+ polymerisation) + mRNA turnover)=(ATP for protein polymerisation)/(ATP for protein polymerisation + ATP for the rest)=191.4/(191.4+103.63)=0.649
Comments The actual consumption is much higher due to processes such as membrane leakage and ion transport and thus the fraction explained by translation is smaller. Table gives ATP requirement for the formation of microbial cells from glucose and inorganic salts and the influence of various additions (amino acids and nucleic acid bases). See BNID 101637,104847,104848, 111918
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