Total proton motive force across the membrane of a respiring mitchondria

Value 172 mV Range: ±12 Table - link mV
Organism Mitochondria
Reference Mollica MP, Iossa S, Liverini G, Soboll S. Steady state changes in mitochondrial electrical potential and proton gradient in perfused liver from rats fed a high fat diet. Mol Cell Biochem. 1998 Jan178(1-2):213-7 p.216 table 2PubMed ID9546602
Method Subcellular ?pH and ?? were calculated from the specific activities of the labelled indicators. ?p was calculated as ??m + 61?pHm, m stands for mitochondria.
Comments "Table 2 shows the results of ??m, ?pHm and ?p in CD [control diet] and HFD [high fat diet] rats. The subcellular pH differences were determined from the distribution of DMO [5,5-dimethyl-2,4-oxazolidinedione]. The distribution of the labelled indicator between perfusate, cytosol and mitochondria of perfused liver revealed that the mitochondrial matrix has a more alkaline milieu than the cytosol in both CD and HFD rats. Moreover, the cytosolic pH significantly increased and the mitochondrial decreased in HFD rats, compared to CD rats. Therefore ?pHm was significantly lower in HFD rats. On the other hand, HFD rats showed a significant increase in ??m, so that ?p was not different in CD and HFD rats. No variation was found in ?? pm." See BNID 101102
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