Stomata interpore spacings

Range 24-340 µm
Organism Thale cress Arabidopsis thaliana
Reference Morison JI, Lawson T. Does lateral gas diffusion in leaves matter? Plant Cell Environ. 2007 Sep30(9):1072-85.PubMed ID17661748
Primary Source Parkhurst D.F. (1994) Tansley review 65: diffusion of CO2 and other gases inside leaves. New Phytologist 126, 449–479
Comments Stomata are usually spaced several mesophyll cells apart and as Parkhurst (1994) pointed out, the reported range of stomatal densities is approximately 10–2000 stomata mm-2 (values from Willmer & Fricker 1996), which equates to interpore spacings ranging from 24–340 um (assuming uniform triangular grid spacing, which is a simplification). See BNID 101758
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