Fraction of energy consumed by ribosomal translation

Range Rapidly growing bacterial cell ~50%: differentiating mammalian cell ~30% %
Organism Various
Reference Li GW, Burkhardt D, Gross C, Weissman JS. Quantifying absolute protein synthesis rates reveals principles underlying allocation of cellular resources. Cell. 2014 Apr 24 157(3):624-35. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2014.02.033. p.624 left column bottom paragraphPubMed ID24766808
Primary Source Buttgereit, F., and Brand, M.D. (1995). A hierarchy of ATP-consuming processes in mammalian cells. Biochem. J. 312, 163–167. & Russell, J.B., and Cook, G.M. (1995). Energetics of bacterial growth: balance of anabolic and catabolic reactions. Microbiol. Rev. 59, 48–62.PubMed ID7492307, 7708012
Comments "Protein biosynthesis is by far the largest consumer of energy during cellular proliferation translation by ribosomes is estimated to account for ~50% of the energy consumption of a rapidly growing bacterial cell and ~30% of that for a differentiating mammalian cell (primary sources)."
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