Doubling time for U2OS cells

Range cells cultured in: regular 96-well plates 23.7±0.5: RT-CES devices 24.1±0.6 Hours
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Solly K, Wang X, Xu X, Strulovici B, Zheng W. Application of real-time cell electronic sensing (RT-CES) technology to cell-based assays. Assay Drug Dev Technol. 2004 Aug2(4):363-72. p.368 right column 2nd paragraphPubMed ID15357917
Method P.366 right column 3rd paragraph: "This study was conducted to address whether the electrical sensors on the bottom of the wells in the RT-CES system affected the cell growth and if the results from the RT-CES measurement were comparable to those obtained from two conventional methods. First, a luminescence cell viability assay method that measures the ATP production in viable cells was used for this comparison (CellTiter-Glo™ kit, Promega). An increase in luminescent units reflects the proportional increase in viable cell number (e.g., cell growth and proliferation), whereas a decrease in luminescence units indicates the reduction of viable cells usually caused by inhibition of cell growth, cytotoxicity, or apoptosis. On the first day of the experiment, A2780 cells were plated in an RT-CES device (16-well strip) and a regular 96-well plate at 10,000 and 20,000 cells/well in 150 ml total volume. The cell growth rates were recorded once every hour in the RT-CES system. For the 96-well plate, the cell growth condition was determined by the CellTiter-Glo kit after 72 h in culture. Cell growth rate in the RT-CES device was also measured with the CellTiter-Glo kit after 72 h in culture by transferring the final contents to a regular 96–well plate for the plate reading."
Comments P.368 right column 2nd paragraph: "Cell numbers were counted manually with a hemacytometer under a microscope after being detached by trypsinization. The CI (cell index, see p.366 left column bottom paragraph) numbers from the RT-CES system were proportional to the actual cell numbers counted manually when cells were subconfluent in a well (Fig. 3B). Furthermore, based on the cell number and CI values in Fig. 3B, researchers estimated that the doubling time for U2OS cells is 23.7±0.5 h or 24.1±0.6 h for cells cultured in regular 96-well plates and in RT-CES devices, respectively."
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