Duration of DNA synthesis phase and calculated cell generation time

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Organism Mammalian tissue culture cell
Reference Cameron IL, Greulich RC. Evidence for an essentially constant duration of DNA synthesis in renewing epithelia of the adult mouse. J Cell Biol. 1963 Jul18 :31-40. p.36 table IIIPubMed ID14018040
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Comments "The mean duration of S in the normal animal approximates 7 hours for all of the epithelial populations studied. This result is in strikingly good agreement with estimates made by others, both in vivo and in vitro, for a variety of cell populations (Table III). Prior administration of colchicine did not materially alter this estimate of S duration, except in the case of the colonic epithelium. This discrepancy is discussed below." "The agreement between the values of S reported here and their similarity to estimates made by other investigators for mammalian cell types both in vivo and in vitro (Table III) suggests that the duration of the DNA synthetic phase may be identical in all epithelial cell populations of the adult mammal."
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