Concentration at OD ~0.7 (600nm)

Value 7e+8 Cells/ml
Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Wang HH et al., Programming cells by multiplex genome engineering and accelerated evolution. Nature. 2009 Aug 13 460(7257):894-8. p.897 right column top paragraph and p.895 caption of figure 4PubMed ID19633652
Method p.897 right column top paragraph: "Allelic replacement: Liquid cell cultures were inoculated from colonies obtained from a plate and grown at 30°C to an absorbance (600 nm) of ~0.7 (~7×10^8 cells/ml) in a rotor drum at 200 r.p.m."
Comments P.895 caption of figure 4: "Owing to high voltage (18 kV/ cm) electroporation, ~95% of cells are killed at each cycle. Hence, the electroporation event serves to both introduce oligos into cells and to dilute the cell population, cells are then recovered and grown to mid-log phase (7 × 10^8 cells/ ml) in liquid medium for the subsequent cycle."
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