PSORTdb: a protein subcellular localization database for bacteria and archaea

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Organism prokaryote
Reference Rey S, Acab M, Gardy JL, Laird MR, deFays K, Lambert C, Brinkman FS. PSORTdb: a protein subcellular localization database for bacteria. Nucleic Acids Res. 2005 Jan 133(Database issue):D164-8.PubMed ID15608169
Method Researchers developed a high-quality dataset of proteins of known SubCellular Localization (SCL) (determined by laboratory experimentation), which is currently the largest dataset of its kind available to date for bacterial proteins. PSORTdb (part of the PSORT family) is a database of protein subcellular localizations for bacteria and archaea that contains both information determined through laboratory experimentation (ePSORTdb dataset) and computational predictions (cPSORTdb dataset).
Comments To view computed subcellular localizations of proteins by organism, click the first link ('here' under open box) in the home page in database link.
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