Range of cytoplasmic concentration of cytokinesis proteins

Range 0.04-63 µM
Organism Fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe
Reference Wu JQ, Pollard TD. Counting cytokinesis proteins globally and locally in fission yeast. Science. 2005 Oct 14310(5746):pp. 310. pp. 312 Table 1 Table - link PubMed ID16224022
Method Fusion yellow fluorescence protein (YFP)-cytokinesis protein measured by fluorescence or flow cytometry. Measurements of actin (63 µM value) concentration by quantitative immunoblotting with internal standards and anti-actin antibody.
Comments 0.04 µM value for formin Cdc12p (600 molecules per cell). 63 µM value for actin (1.43 million molecules per cell).
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