Summary of the thermodynamic and kinetic parameters of 12 proteins, calculated from simulations of reversible folding

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Reference Lindorff-Larsen K, Piana S, Dror RO, Shaw DE. How fast-folding proteins fold. Science. 2011 Oct 28 334(6055):517-20. doi: 10.1126/science.1208351. Supporting Online Material pp.1-2 table S1PubMed ID22034434
Comments Supporting online material 1st page:"Correction (11 December 2015): The authors recently discovered and corrected a bug in a piece of software used to estimate the melting temperatures (Tm) reported in the supplementary materials [SM] of this Report. This bug does not affect any of the simulation data or any of the conclusions reported in the text. However, as a result of the bug, some of the melting temperatures mentioned in the SM—specifically, the values reported in Table S1, and several mentions of those values later in the SM text—needed to be corrected in the revision..." See note and abbreviations beneath table
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