Photosynthetic efficiency into chemical energy out of utilizable spectrum under full sunlight

Range 8.5 Camissonia claviformis: 3 Sugar beet (Beta vulgaris) %
Organism Plants
Reference Mooney HA, Ehleringer J, Berry JA. High photosynthetic capacity of a winter annual in death valley. Science. 1976 Oct 15 194(4262):322-4. p.322 right column bottom paragraphPubMed ID17738049
Comments C. claviformis shows an extremly high efficiency due to its light-fixation curve not saturating until very high irradiation levels (around full sunlight). These (rates of photosynthesis, BNID 107709,107710) correspond to an efficiency of energy conversion (photosynthetically active energy received divided by energy converted) of 8.5 and 3 percent, respectively, for Camissonia and sugar beet. Efficiencies based on the total solar spectrum would be approximately one-half of those given.
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