Burst size

Value 153.9 Phages/cell Range: ±7.2 Table - link Phages/cell
Organism Bacteriophage Lambda
Reference Shao Y, Wang IN. Effect of late promoter activity on bacteriophage lambda fitness. Genetics. 2009 Apr181(4):1467-75 p.1471 table 2PubMed ID19171945
Method p.1468 right column 3rd paragraph:"The lysis times and burst sizes of ?-phages were determined as described previously (Wang 2006). Briefly, the lysis time was determined by subjecting the lysogen culture to a temperature-shift regimen of 30°–42° and then finally 37° to thermally induce the excision of prophage from the bacterial chromosome. The time of initial decline of the culture turbidity (A550) was recorded as the lysis time. For burst size determination, exponentially grown bacterial culture, after preadsorption of the phages at a low multiplicity of infection (m.o.i.) of ~0.01, was immediately diluted and incubated at 37° for a certain period, depending on the lysis time. The fold of increase of phage concentration is used as the average burst size."
Comments p.1470 left column bottom line:"The effect of late promoter activity on burst size is shown in Figure 3. The burst size actually increased even as the promoter activity declined to only ~31% of the wt's (i.e., M4 see Table 2). Within this range of the promoter activity, the lysis time lengthened from ~53 to ~62 min (see Table 2). However, once the promoter activity is only ~6% of the wt's, the burst size is reduced as well, even though the lysis time has now increased to ~103 min."
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