Energy efficiency of photosynthesis according to energy stored as carbohydrate and oxygen under low quantum requirement for Oxygen production

Value 91 %
Organism Biosphere
Reference Robert E. Blakenship, Molecular Mechanisms of Photosynthesis, 2008 Blackwell Science pp.35 Table - link
Method Calculated according to ratio between (1)Gibbs free energy of formation for the reaction H2O+CO2>>(Glucose)/6+O2=+479.1 kJ/mole (2) Energy input from light E=(QR)*H*C*Avogadro's number/lambda. QR-Quantum requirement for oxygen production, measured by Warburg as low as 3, h-planck's constant, c-speed of light, lambda=680nm(red light).E=528.5 kJ/mole. Ratio=479.1/528.5=~0.91. Please see table link for details
Comments In monochromatic red light (680 nm). Consensus modern values for quantum requirement of oxygenic photosynthesis are 9-10 (rather than 3 in present calculation) and give Efficiency of 27% BNID 104627. See also efficiency of Calvin cycle based on standard free energies which is 90% BNID 101674
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ID 104626