Diameter of rat embryonic fibroblast nucleus

Value 9.99 µm Range: ±0.49 µm
Organism Mammalian tissue culture cell
Reference Short,K.W., Carpenter, S., Freyer, J.P., Mourant, J.R. Raman spectroscopy detects biochemical changes due to proliferation in mammalian cell cultures. 2005. Biophys J. 88(6) pp.4274-88. p.4278 Table 2PubMed ID15764662
Method Raman spectra of cells and nuclei from cultures in the plateau (nonproliferating) and exponential (proliferating) phases of growth were measured and show that Raman spectroscopy can monitor changes due to cell proliferation.
Comments Value is the weighted arithmetic mean of 13 measurements of intact nuclei in table. Cells in the plateau growth state that is in the G2 portion of the cell cycle
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