Typical size of virion

Range 120-150 nm
Organism HIV
Reference Physical Biology of the Cell, Rob Phillips, Jane Kondev and Julie Theriot (2009). Page 55
Primary Source Briggs JA, Grünewald K, Glass B, Förster F, Kräusslich HG, Fuller SD. The mechanism of HIV-1 core assembly: insights from three-dimensional reconstructions of authentic virions. Structure. 2006 Jan14(1):15-20. p. 16 left column 3rd paragraphPubMed ID16407061
Comments Primary source: "Virions were approximately spherical (Figure 1), with diameters between 106 and 183 nm. The mean diameter, 125±14nm, was slightly smaller than that observed previously (Briggs et al., 2003 Wilk et al., 2001), reflecting a variability between different retroviral preparations (Briggs et al., 2004b)." Immature virion size is 145nm according to Briggs 2004 PMID 15208690 p.674 right column top paragraph. See BNID 101667
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