Maximum growth yields and heat of combustion

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Organism Microbes
Reference J.D. Linton, R.J. Stephenson, A preliminary study on growth yields in relation to the carbon and energy content of various organic growth substrates, FEMS Microbiology Letters, Volume 3, Issue 2, February 1978, Pages 95–98 p.96 table 1
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Comments P.95 right column bottom paragraph to p.96 right column bottom paragraph: "Values for microbial growth yields on various non-nitrogenous organic substrates, and the heats of combustion of these compounds expressed as kcal./g substrate carbon are given in Table 1 and related graphically in Fig. 1. The growth yields on various organic compounds appear to be directly proportional to the heats of combustion of these compounds over the range 2.5 to 11.0 kcal./g substrate carbon. Hence, it can be suggested that when the heat of combustion of a given organic compound is less than 11 kcal./g substrate carbon, the energy generated during the biological oxidation of the compound is insufficient to reduce all the available carbon in the molecule to the level of cell carbon."
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