Average laboratory lipid content, biomass and lipid productivity for 55 microalgal species and genera reported in the literature

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Organism Algae
Reference Griffiths MJ, Harrison STL. Lipid productivity as a key characteristic for choosing algal species for biodiesel production. J Appl Phycol. 2009 21: 493–507. pp.497-8 table 3
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Method Abstract:"This paper reviews information available in the literature on microalgal growth rates, lipid content and lipid productivities for 55 species of microalgae, including 17 Chlorophyta, 11 Bacillariophyta and five Cyanobacteria as well as other taxa."
Comments p.496 right column top paragraph:"Data collected for 55 different species under laboratory conditions are presented in Table 3. Lipid content (in % dw) is given for nutrient-replete, nitrogen (N)-deficient and silicon (Si)-deficient conditions. Silicon deprivation is only relevant for diatoms (Bacillariophyta and some Ochrophyta). Biomass growth and productivities are given as Td, volumetric biomass productivity (grams per litre per day) and biomass productivity on the basis of area (grams per square metre per day). Lipid productivity (milligrams per litre per day) is presented in two columns: • Average lipid productivity reported directly in the literature • Lipid productivity calculated from laboratory biomass productivity in grams per litre per day and nutrient replete lipid content. The overall average values for all species across each criterion are shown in the final row."
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