Dimensions of the cytoskeleton-like structure of M. amphoriforme and M. pneumoniae

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Organism Bacteria Mycoplasma spp.
Reference Hatchel JM, Balish RS, Duley ML, Balish MF. Ultrastructure and gliding motility of Mycoplasma amphoriforme, a possible human respiratory pathogen. Microbiology. 2006 Jul152(Pt 7):2181-9. p.2184 table 1PubMed ID16804191
Method Scanning electron microscopy
Comments For parts of cytoskeleton see p.2184 fig.3a figure link - link Cell is pear-shaped: See PMID 21382496 p.502 fig.6A where using the scale bar (50 nm) the length and width (at widest points in base of pear) would be ~470nm and ~255nm, respectively, figure link- link For length and width of 600nm and 300nm, respectively, of pear-shaped M. mobile see PMID 20533876 p.522 fig.2C figure link - link
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