Descriptive statistics of selected features of human esophageal epithelial cells

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Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Nandakumar V, Kelbauskas L, Johnson R, Meldrum D. Quantitative characterization of preneoplastic progression using single-cell computed tomography and three-dimensional karyometry. Cytometry A. 2010 Dec 2 p.32 table 2PubMed ID21132763
Method Researchers computed a total of 41 morphological and textural features for each cell based on established formulae extended to three dimensions as appropriate (Doudkine A et al. 1995, PMID 8570289, Huisman A et al. 2007, PMID 17075809, Diamond DA et al. 1982, PMID 7122329). The 12 features in table 2 are either part of the 41 or derived from them.
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