Size of genome (2 single stranded RNA molecules)

Value 9370 Nucleotides Range: 5,889 RNA-1: 3,481 RNA-2 Nucleotides
Organism Cowpea mosaic virus (CPMV)
Reference Liu L, Lomonossoff G. A site-directed mutagenesis method utilising large double-stranded DNA templates for the simultaneous introduction of multiple changes and sequential multiple rounds of mutation: Application to the study of whole viral genomes. J Virol Methods. 2006 Oct137(1):63-71 p.64 left column, bottom paragraphPubMed ID16857273
Primary Source Lomonossoff, G.P., Shanks, M., 1983. The nucleotide sequence of cowpea mosaic virus B RNA. EMBO J. 2, 2253–2258 & van Wezenbeek, P., Verver, J., Harmsen, J., Vos, P., van Kammen, A., 1983. Primary structure and gene organization of the middle component RNA of cowpea mosaic virus. EMBO J. 2, 941–946.PubMed ID16453487, 6641721
Comments "The genome of Cowpea mosaic virus (CPMV), a plant virus, consists of two messenger-sense RNA molecules termed RNA-1 and RNA-2. RNA-1 consists of 5889 nucleotides plus a variable length of poly (A) tail (1st primary source) and encodes the 200K polyprotein, which is processed at specific sites to give the proteins required for viral genome replication (Wellink et al., 1986). RNA-2 consists of 3481 nucleotides (2nd primary source) and encodes the 105/95K polypeptides, which are processed to produce the viral movement protein and large and small coat proteins (Holness et al., 1989 Wellink et al., 1987)."
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