Concentration at OD ~0.04 (600nm)

Value 3.3e+6 cells/ml
Organism Bacteria Bacillus cereus
Reference Olmez HK, Aran N. Modeling the growth kinetics of Bacillus cereus as a function of temperature, pH, sodium lactate and sodium chloride concentrations. Int J Food Microbiol. 2005 Feb 1 98(2):135-43. p.136 right column bottom paragraphPubMed ID15681041
Method P.136 right column bottom paragraph: "In order to convert OD values to CFU/ml (colony forming unit/ml), individual calibration curves were obtained for each strain. For this, a concentrated culture was prepared for each strain in BHI at 30 °C, and serial dilutions were made from stock culture solution. The OD values for the dilutions were measured with the spectrophotometer and also the plate counts were obtained for each. Calibration curves were drawn by plotting optical density (OD) at 600 nm versus viable number of bacteria (log CFU/ml) as described by Hudson (J.A. Hudson, Comparison of response surface models for Listeria monocytogenes strains under aerobic conditions, Food Res. Int. 27 (1994), pp. 53–59.)."
Comments P.136 right column bottom paragraph: "The initial optical density was approximately 0.04, which corresponded to 3.3×10^6 cells/ml. This value was in the linear range of the calibration curve."
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