Magnesium concentration (mostly in bound state) in exponentially growing E. coli

Value 100 mM
Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Moncany ML, Kellenberger E. High magnesium content of Escherichia coli B. Experientia. 1981 37 (8):846-7. abstract & p.847 table at bottom of left columnPubMed ID7026272
Method "During the deposition of ceils from an exponentially growing culture (1 ml of a 2x10^8 bacteria/ml suspension) on a membrane filter (Millipore GSWP, 0.2 µm) under suction, the cells were maintained in the presence of O2 and small amounts of nutrients." "The washed deposit of cells on the membrane filter was then extracted with 1 M HNO3, and the solution was analyzed by atomic absorption spectrophotometry."
Comments "Results of equilibrium dialysis suggest that nearly all of this Mg is bound, probably most of it to nucleic acids." Table gives range of 90 - 110mM: "Concentrations calculated with cellular volumes of 1.4×10^-12 and 1.6×10^-12 ml"
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