Concentration of E. coli in gut

Value 1e+8 Cells/gram gut content
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Macfarlane GT, Macfarlane S, Gibson GR. Validation of a Three-Stage Compound Continuous Culture System for Investigating the Effect of Retention Time on the Ecology and Metabolism of Bacteria in the Human Colon. Microb Ecol. 1998 Mar35(2):180-7PubMed ID9541554
Method Researchers developed a three-stage compound continuous culture system that enables the activities of intestinal bacteria to be studied under the low pH, carbohydrate- excess conditions that characterize the proximal colon, as well as the carbohydrate-depleted, nonacidic environmemt that is analogous to the distal bowel
Comments Measured manually from figure 4. See BNID 104948. For concentration of 10^10 bacteria/ml in Sheep rumen see BNID 102396
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ID 104949