Stall force of the molecular motor myosin-5

Value 2.5 pN Range: ±0.5 pN
Organism Eukaryotes
Reference A. D. Mehta, R. S. Rock, M. Rief, J. A. Spudich, M. S. Mooseker, and R. E. Cheney. Myosin-V is a processive actin-based motor. Nature, 400(6744):590–3, 1999. AND S. Uemura, H. Higuchi, A.O. Olivares, E.M. De La Cruz, and S. Ishiwata. Mechanochemical coupling of two substeps in a single myosin V motor. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, 11(9):877–883, 2004.PubMed ID10448864, 15286720
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