Gibbs free energies of formation from the elements for compounds of biological interest

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Reference Thauer RK, Jungermann K, Decker K. Energy conservation in chemotrophic anaerobic bacteria.Bacteriol Rev. 1977 Mar41(1):100-80. pp.153-6 table 15PubMed ID860983
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Comments P.152 right column top paragraph: "List of Gibbs Free Energies of Formation from the Elements for Compounds of Biological Interest: The standard free energy of formation at present available for compounds of biological interest are listed in Table 15. Where possible, values for aqueous solutions at unit activity are given. Although the first decimal place is not significant in most of the values, two or three decimal places are retained for calculation purposes. It should be recognized in this respect that calculation of free energy changes from standard free energy of formation frequently involves obtaining a small difference between two large numbers. Very small percentage errors in the free energies of formation, therefore, often lead to large percentage errors in the calculation of free energy changes. Consequently, the results of such calculations must be interpreted with reasonable caution."
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