Range of protein concentration

Range 50-1300000 proteins/cell
Organism Budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Reference P Picotti, A Kuemmel, R Costenoble, H Lam, D Campbell, LN Mueller, M Heinemann, E Deutsch, U Sauer, B Domon, and R Aebersold, Analysis of the S. cerevisiae metabolic network by targeted proteomics 2008 link
Primary Source Huh WK, Bower K, Howson RW, Belle A, Dephoure N, O'Shea EK, Weissman JS. Global analysis of protein expression in yeast. Nature. 2003 Oct 16 425(6959):737-41PubMed ID14562106
Method (Primary source) To facilitate global protein analyses, researchers have created a Saccharomyces cerevisiae fusion library where each open reading frame is tagged with a high-affinity epitope and expressed from its natural chromosomal location. Through immunodetection of the common tag, they obtain a census of proteins expressed during log-phase growth and measurements of their absolute levels.
Comments Equivalent to ~1nM-30uM. Primary source finds that the abundance of proteins ranges from fewer than 50 to more than 10^6 molecules per cell.
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