Percent of cardiac mitochondrial protein associated with oxidative phosphorylation

Value 17 %
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Taylor SW, Fahy E, Zhang B, Glenn GM, Warnock DE, Wiley S, Murphy AN, Gaucher SP, Capaldi RA, Gibson BW, Ghosh SS. Characterization of the human heart mitochondrial proteome.Nat Biotechnol. 2003 Mar21(3):281-6. p.283 fig.2PubMed ID12592411
Method an extensive catalogue of the mitochondrial proteome was compiled using highly purified mitochondria from normal human heart tissue. Sucrose gradient centrifugation was employed to partially resolve protein complexes whose individual protein components were separated by one-dimensional PAGE. Total in-gel processing and subsequent detection by mass spectrometry and rigorous bioinformatic analysis
Comments Out of 615 distinct cardiac mitochondrial proteins, 81 percent (498 proteins) can be assigned into known functional classes (to 19% no functionality has been ascribed). The above value is the fraction of the 81 percent functionally known proteins.
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