Estimated fraction of mRNA regulated by miRNA

Range 30-90 %
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Chang TC, Mendell JT. microRNAs in vertebrate physiology and human disease. Annu Rev Genomics Hum Genet. 2007 8: 215-39. p.221 left column bottom paragraphPubMed ID17506656
Method A diverse array of bioinformatic approaches predicts hundreds of targets for each miRNA
Comments P.221 left column bottom paragraph: "In spite of the challenges, a diverse array of bioinformatic approaches have now been applied to identify the mRNAs regulated by animal miRNAs (ref 125). Most of these prediction tools are available online for public use. In general, the different algorithms utilize at least some of the following criteria to identify and prioritize putative targets: (a) complementarity between the miRNA seed sequence and the 3′ UTR of the target mRNA (b) the overall stability of putative miRNA:target duplexes (c) miRNA target site conservation between closely related species (d) multiple binding sites for a single miRNA within a given target 3′ UTR and (e) weak or no secondary structure in the target at the miRNA-binding site. These programs predict hundreds of targets for each miRNA and estimate that between 30–90% of human mRNAs are subjected to miRNA-mediated regulatory control." For >60% of protein coding genes see Friedman et al. 2009 PMID 18955434 abstract. For value of 20%-30% see Perera 2007 PMID 17402793 abstract
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