Doubling time at 30°C on complex medium (CM) with lactose

Value 42 Minutes
Organism Bacteria Lactococcus lactis
Reference LeBlanc DJ, Crow VL, Lee LN, Garon CF. Influence of the lactose plasmid on the metabolism of galactose by Streptococcus lactis. J Bacteriol. 1979 Feb137(2):878-84. p.880 left column bottom paragraphPubMed ID106044
Method One milliliter of an overnight culture grown in CM glucose was transferred to 9 ml of CM lactose or CM galactose. Cultures were incubated at 30°C, and growth was followed using a Klett-Summerson colorimeter equipped with a no. 66 filter.
Comments See BNID 100464. Value of 48min on lactose given in link
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