Content of structural proteins of vertebrate skeletal muscle

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Organism Vertebrates
Reference Clive. R. Bagshaw, Muscle contraction (Outline Studies in Biology), Springer, 2nd edition (November 30, 1992), p.146 Appendix, table A.2
Primary Source Amos, L. A. and Amos, W. B. (1991) Molecules of the Cytoskeleton, Macmillan, Basingstoke and London. (A succinct introduction to contractile proteins in the context of cells in general.) AND Ohtsuki I, Maruyama K, Ebashi S. Regulatory and cytoskeletal proteins of vertebrate skeletal muscle. Adv Protein Chem. 1986 38 :1-67 (Summarizes properties of muscle proteins other than actin and myosin.)PubMed ID3541537
Comments Based on primary sources Amos and Amos 1991 (see chapter 1) and Ohtsuki et al., 1986 (see chapter 4)
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