Fraction of insects collected from white or yellow insect traps out of five different coloured traps (white, yellow, orange, red and purple)

Value 66 % of all individual insects collected from traps that are white or yellow
Organism Plants
Reference Catherine Marina Pickering & Michelle Stock, Insect colour preference compared to flower colours in the Australian Alps, Nordic Journal of Botany, Volume 23, Issue 2, June 2003, Pages 217-223 link abstract
Method Abstract: "An apparent predominance of plant taxa with pale flowers in the alpine floras of Australia and New Zealand may be due to the prevalence of insects, such as flies, that prefer pale colours and the absence of other types of potential pollinators that are attracted to bright colours such as social bees and birds. In this study, the diversity of flower colours, and the preference of insects for different colours were examined for the largest contiguous alpine area in Australia, around Mt Kosciuszko."
Comments Abstract: "When the colour preference of insects was tested using five different coloured traps (white, yellow, orange, red and purple), the most successful traps were white then yellow, with these two colours accounting for 66% of all individual insects collected."
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