Fraction of brain that is constituted by white matter

Range >40 %
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Hildebrand C, Remahl S, Persson H, Bjartmar C. Myelinated nerve fibres in the CNS. Prog Neurobiol. 1993 Mar40(3):319-84 p.324 right column top paragraphPubMed ID8441812
Primary Source Morell P, Norton WT. Myelin. Sci Am. 1980 May242(5):88-90, 92, 96 passim.PubMed ID6154973
Comments P.324 right column top paragraph: "The proportion of white matter to grey matter increases as one ascends the evolutionary scale. In the human brain, white matter constitutes more than 40% (Fig. 7, primary source). Apparently, myelin is a functionally important and quantitatively prominent white matter constituent. Since its formation in the human CNS [central nervous system], is a late prenatal and postnatal event (see Rorke and Riggs, 1964), the white matter undergoes dramatic structural and functional changes during infancy and childhood."
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