Lung surface area

Value 118 m^2 Range: ±11 Table - link m^2
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Coxson, H. O. et al., (1999). A quantification of the lung surface area in emphysema using computed tomography. American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine, 159(3), 851-856. p.853 table 2PubMed ID10051262
Method Abstract: "Quantitative analysis of computed tomography (CT) has been combined with a stereologically based histologic analysis of lung structure to assess regional lung inflation and the structural features of the lung parenchyma. In this study, CT measurements of lung inflation were compared with histologic estimates of surface area in order to develop prediction equations that allow lung surface to volume ratio and surface area to be predicted from an analysis of the CT scan."
Comments P.853 left column bottom paragraph: "The CT estimates of lung volume (Table 2) show a higher total lung and airspace volume in the severe compared with the mild emphysema group, which in turn is greater than the control group." P.853 right column 2nd paragraph: "The mild cases have 52±4, 35±4, and 13±1% of their lung voxels in these three categories, while the severe cases showed 25±1, 28±1, and 47±2%, respectively (Table 2)." P.856 left column 2nd paragraph: "Mild emphysema was associated with no change in surface area but an increase in lung volume (Table 2), which is consistent with a reduction in elastic recoil."
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