Optical density values versus bacterial colony counts

Range Table - link colony count × 10^7
Organism Bacteria Staphylococcus aureus
Reference Hinds AE, Peterson GX. Method for standardizing Staphylococcal suspensions: relationship of optical density to viable cell count. J Bacteriol. 1963 Jul86: 168. p.168 table 1PubMed ID14051813
Method P.168 left column 2nd paragraph: see link
Comments P.168 left column top paragraph: "Quantitative assays of antimicrobial activity require well-dispersed bacterial suspensions. Staphylococcal suspensions are especially difficult to prepare, and most reported methods are inadequate. The method reported here produces finely dispersed staphylococcal suspensions that give reproducible viable counts (pour plates) correlating well with spectrophotometric readings." P.168 right column bottom paragraph: "Typical results achieved by the application of this technique may be seen in Table 1. These data gave a correlation coefficient of 0.965."
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