Rod luminosity distribution in spectrum

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Organism Unspecified
Reference Hecht S, Shlaer S, Pirenne MH. Energy, quanta, and vision. J Gen Physiol. 1942 Jul 20 25(6):819-40. p.831 table IVPubMed ID19873316
Primary Source Hecht, S., and Williams, R. E., The visibility of monochromatic radiation and the absorption spectrum of visual purple, J. Gen. Physiol., 1922, 5, 1. AND Ludvigh, E., and McCarthy, E. F., Absorption of visible light by the refractive media of the human eye, Arch. Ophth., Chicago, 1938, 20, 37. doi:10.1001/archopht.1938.00850190049005.PubMed ID19871975
Method See caption above table
Comments p.829 bottom paragraph:"The scotopic luminosity data have been corrected in these two ways the computed values are given in Table IV and shown as circles in Fig. 5. Included in the same figure are two percentage absorption spectra of visual purple the upper curve represents 20 per cent maximal absorption, while the lower curve is 5 per cent maximal absorption."
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