Genome size

Value 4.31e+6 bp
Organism Bacteria Bacillus subtilis
Reference National Center for Biotechnology Information, Bacillus subtilis PS216 Organism name: Bacillus subtilis PS216 Infraspecific name: Strain: PS216 BioSample: SAMN02009237 Submitter: American Museum of Natural History Date: 2013/05/01 link Retrieved March 8th 2015
Comments "Total sequence length 4,307,186bp" See also PMID 9384377, 1997 (p.250 right column 2nd paragraph:) "The B. subtilis chromosome has 4,214,810 base pairs (bp), with the origin of replication coinciding with the base numbering start point [14], and the terminus at about 2,017 kilobases (kb)[15]."
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