Human empirical elemental formula

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Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference No peer review evidence. Based on link Thims molecular formula | 2002
Primary Source Thims published his results in the 2002 manuscript Human Thermodynamics (Volume One), in the 2005 IoHT (online) Molecular Evolution Table, and in the 2007 textbook Human Chemistry (Volume One). For an average 70-kg human being, this empirical formula translates to the following human molecular formula:
Method H E27 O E27 C E27 N E26 P E25 Ca E25 K E24 S E24 Na E24 Cl E24 Mg E24 Fe E23 F E23 Zn E22 Si E22 Cu E21 B E21 Cr E20 Mn E20 Ni E20 Se E20 Sn E20 I E20 Mo E19 Co E19 V E18
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