Chemical composition of adult human body

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Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference HH Mitchell et al., The chemical composition of the adult human body and its bearing on the biochemistry of growth. May 1, 1945 The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 158, 625-637. link p.628 table I
Method A cadaver was analyzed
Comments P.627 5th paragraph: "Table I contains the values secured on the chemical composition of the organs and tissues analyzed, together with the relative weights of each with reference to the total body. The last row of figures relates to the composition of the entire body, which contained 67.85 per cent moisture, 12.51 per cent ether extract, 14.39 per cent protein (N X 6.25), 4.84 per cent ash, 1.596 per cent calcium, 0.771 per cent phosphorus, and a heat of combustion equivalent to 1.93 kilocalories per gm. Only 0.41 per cent is unaccounted for."
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