Rate of mating type switching in heterothallic yeast during mitotic growth

Range ~1E-06 switches / generation
Organism Budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Reference Strathern JN, Herskowitz I. Asymmetry and directionality in production of new cell types during clonal growth: the switching pattern of homothallic yeast. Cell. 1979 Jun17(2):371-81. p.371 right column 3rd paragraphPubMed ID378408
Primary Source Hawthorne DC. A deletion in yeast and its bearing on the structure of the mating type locus. Genetics. 1963 Dec48: 1727-9. AND Hicks JB, Herskowitz I. Interconversion of Yeast Mating Types I. Direct Observations of the Action of the Homothallism (HO) Gene. Genetics. 1976 Jun83(2):245-58.PubMed ID14105103, 17248712
Comments Yeasts carrying the "ho" allele are called "heterothallic" meaning that sexes reside in different individuals (with high probability). "Yeast strains differ in the stability of their mating type. In strains carrying the ho allele (“heterothallic” strains), the MATa and MATa alleles are stable during mitotic growth, with changes from MATa to MATa and from MATa to MATa observed at low frequency (~10^-6) (primary sources)."
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