Lymphocyte volume

Value 210 μm^3
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Segel GB, Cokelet GR, Lichtman MA. The measurement of lymphocyte volume: importance of reference particle deformability and counting solution tonicity. Blood. 1981 May57(5):894-9. p.897 right column top paragraphPubMed ID7214019
Method Mean of 2 independent methods at 286 mosmole/liter. These included measurement of the packed cell volume by a lymphocytocrit method and measurement of the net lymphocyte wet weight.
Comments "Alternatively, lymphocyte volume was determined from the cell pellet weight and lymphocyte density (Table 5). The cell pellet weight was calculated from the total weight minus the supernate wet weight. The percentage of supernate wet weight was 17±2.6, and the mean lymphocyte volume by weight/density was 203±3µm^3. The mean volume from these two methods, 210µm^3, is compared to the electrical volume, 289±5µm^3 (286 mosmole/liter) measured in the same lymphocyte populations using latex spherules as the standard particle."
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