Subcellular content of ATP, ADP, 3-PGA, and DHAP in spinach leaves

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Organism Spinach Spinacia oleracea
Reference Heineke D, Riens B, Grosse H, Hoferichter P, Peter U, Flügge UI, Heldt HW. Redox Transfer across the Inner Chloroplast Envelope Membrane. Plant Physiol. 1991 Apr95(4):1131-1137 p.1132 table IPubMed ID16668101
Method Hydroponic growth. "Spinach plants were grown in a climatized chamber with a 9 h light/ 5 h dark cycle and leaves were stopped in liquid N2 after 8.5 h light or 2 h dark." The frozen tissue was ground and lyophilized. The dry material was homogenized by sonication in a mixture of carbon tetrachloride and heptane, and fractionated by density gradient centrifugation.
Comments "In the experiment shown in Table I ATP and ADP were determined in the chloroplastic and extrachloroplastic fraction of spinach leaves by a refined method of nonaqueous fractionation (ref 8)." "To correlate the adenylate levels in the chloroplastic and cytosolic compartments with the corresponding levels of DHAP and 3-PGA, the subcellular contents of the latter two compounds were analyzed in the same experiments (Table I)."
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