Ion and elemental composition

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Organism Budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Reference van Eunen K et al., Measuring enzyme activities under standardized in vivo-like conditions for systems biology. FEBS J. 2010 Feb277(3):749-60. p.750 table 1PubMed ID20067525
Method "Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy elemental analysis of the biomass"
Comments "First, the biomass composition was determined in samples from these cultures. Table 1 shows the measured amounts expressed in grams of element per kilogram of biomass, and the calculated intracellular concentrations (mM) of the measured elements." "The concentration of potassium calculated from the elemental analysis was approximately 340 mM (Table 1). Taking into account the experimental error, this is consistent with the literature values, which are between 290 and 310 mM [refs 15–17]."
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