Size of genome

Value 1.76 kb
Organism Porcine circovirus (PCV)
Reference Meehan BM, McNeilly F, Todd D, Kennedy S, Jewhurst VA, Ellis JA, Hassard LE, Clark EG, Haines DM, Allan GM. Characterization of novel circovirus DNAs associated with wasting syndromes in pigs. J Gen Virol. 1998 Sep79 ( Pt 9):2171-9. p.2171 left column top paragraphPubMed ID9747726
Primary Source Tischer I, Gelderblom H, Vettermann W, Koch MA. A very small porcine virus with circular single-stranded DNA. Nature. 1982 Jan 7 295(5844):64-6. AND Buhk, H.-J., Tischer, I. & Koch, M. A. (1985). Cloning and sequencing of the porcine circovirus PCV genome. Zentralblatt fuer Bakteriologie Mikrobiologie und Hygiene series A, Meeting Abstract 260, 465. AND Meehan BM, Creelan JL, McNulty MS, Todd D.Sequence of porcine circovirus DNA: affinities with plant circoviruses. J Gen Virol. 1997 Jan78 ( Pt 1):221-7.PubMed ID7057875, 9010307
Comments Ref: "Porcine circovirus (PCV) was first detected as a contaminant of a continuous pig kidney cell line (PK-15) (1st primary source). This cell culture isolate (PCV PK-15) was shown to possess a circular ssDNA genome of 1.76 kb (primary sources)" (3rd primary source abstract:) "The complete nucleotide sequence (1759 nt) of the ssDNA sequence was determined from a cloned dsDNA replicative form isolated from PCV-infected cells."
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