Total number of nuclei in embryo at stage 14

Value 6000 unitless Range: Table - link unitless
Organism Fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster
Reference Marko Zalokar and lnge Erk, Division and migration of nuclei during early embryogenesis of Drosophila melanogaster, J. Microsc. Biol. Cell. 25 (1976), pp. 97–106 p.98 right column and p.99 table 1
Method p.98 left column: "The eggs were then dehydrated and mounted in epon on microscope slides." "After exposure to the drugs, the eggs were incubated for the stated time in paraffin oil until fixation."
Comments "After nuclei have reached the periphery of the egg to form syncytial blastoderm their total number did not increase further at the same rate. A certain number of nuclei (around 18) migrated into pole cells, where they divided once more at a different rate than that of blastoderm nuclei. Another group of nuclei (about 100) remained in the center of the egg to form yolk nuclei, which continued to divide with a different rhythm. At stage 10, where there should be 512 nuclei altogether, less than 400 nuclei constitute the blastoderm. These nuclei continue to divide synchronously 4 times (not 3 times as has been believed until now) to produce about 6 000 nuclei in the last stage of the blastoderm."
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