Burst size of various phage

Range 50 to 3,570 Table - link Phages/burst
Organism Bacteriophage
Reference De Paepe M, Taddei F. Viruses' life history: towards a mechanistic basis of a trade-off between survival and reproduction among phages. PLoS Biol. 2006 Jul4(7):e193. p.1251 table 1PubMed ID16756387
Method Burst size was determined by incubating 10 ml of a mid–exponential phase E. coli culture on ice for 10 min, centrifuging, and then resuspending the bacterial culture in minimal medium (M9) and mixing with phage (multiplicity of infection=0.01) for 7 min at 37°C. The mix was then diluted 100- fold and 10,000-fold in LB at 37°C. The number of free phage was evaluated by plaque assay after centrifugation.
Comments 50 for PRD1, 3,570 for R17
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