Summed phosphate esterified in intermediates in the chloroplast stroma and cytosol under different light conditions

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Organism Spinach Spinacia oleracea
Reference Gerhardt R, Stitt M, Heldt HW. Subcellular Metabolite Levels in Spinach Leaves : Regulation of Sucrose Synthesis during Diurnal Alterations in Photosynthetic Partitioning. Plant Physiol. 1987 Feb83(2):399-407. p.4093 table 3 link PubMed ID16665257
Method Fractionation of frozen and lyophilized leaf homogenates by nonaqueous gradient centrifugation
Comments In Table III the phosphate esterified in Ru 1,5P2, PGA, trioseP, Fru 1,6P2, Fru6P, and Glc6P is added together for each compartment.
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